Birds and textiles

I just found this achingly lovely short film, by Karni & Saul. A boy is visited by three birds on his birthday. I can't say much more than that it is tactile, quiet and magical. They use film for all it's worth and unique in enabling. If you're in the UK, you can watch the whole thing here.


PLATS London dinner

Laurie's Elephant & Castle

Emily's photos from Laurie's puppet show at the Elephant Space... A glorious performance of romance, suspense, hilarity and regeneration.


I love the sky.

A Sun Halo Beyond Stockholm Credit & Copyright: Peter Rosén

Explanation: What's happened to the Sun? Sometimes it looks like the Sun is being viewed through a large lens. In the above case, however, there are actually millions of lenses: ice crystals. As water freezes in the upper atmosphere, small, flat, six-sided, ice crystals might be formed. As these crystals flutter to the ground, much time is spent with their faces flat, parallel to the ground. An observer may pass through the same plane as many of the falling ice crystals near sunrise or sunset. During this alignment, each crystal can act like a miniature lens, refracting sunlight into our view and creating phenomena like parhelia, the technical term for sundogs. The above image was taken last year in Stockholm, Sweden. Visible in the image center is the Sun, while two bright sundogs glow prominently from both the left and the right. Also visible is the bright 22 degree halo -- as well as the rarer and much fainter 46 degree halo -- also created by sunlight reflecting off of atmospheric ice crystals.

The explanation is from NASA, not me.... http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110110.html



Happy 2011..... and to welcome in the New Year here is an insightful, fascinating and even funny lecture from John Lanchester.