Back from Stockholm

I'm back now from a few weeks away running around Sweden and Stockholm. Hence the silence. I have eaten many delicious shrimp and fish and swum many many times. I also saw some really good art shows and am now rejuvenated and inspired. I finally made it to the newly renovated Färgfabriken in Stockholm and enjoyed an almost completely unpopulated gallery of industrial interventionist artworks.

Including, Daniel Knorr's installation 'Natural Cultural.' Luke made a wee animation of walking through it which does it more justice than this photograph... but ach well. The bright industrial hall is filled with row after row of pillars, with the number of pillars doubling each time, until you reach the end and can just barely cram between them to look back. It's very surreal and exciting in its simplicity. At first I didn't even understand which bit was the intervention, it's so cleanly applied and I was ever so slightly dense. It makes sense from most directions, but it's really through moving through it that you really experience the continual surprises of something relatively straightforward.

I'll be going back and forth to Stockholm more often now that I'm starting to study... So I intend to keep up with posting about things there.


HHMI illustration

Illustration for Howard Hughes Medical Institute. August Bulletin - 'The Goldilocks of Cells - Too much or too little cell death can lead to disease. Scientist's are learning how to find the range that's just right.'

A holiday!!

Finally a break, goodbye work, goodbye riots, goodbye London. I'm off to see Nadja in the forest and to swim in lakes. Phew.