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Hiya! I know you have all been wondering where I am! I have been making these CD holders for the super Dalmation Bitch album by Lime Headed Dog you should buy one if you already haven't for the following reasons:

Its really amazing wonderful music which makes you feel ZING!
It took a long time to make the music
(and the CDs)
They are beautiful and unique
There aren't many to go around, cause they require so much love per item
They are wellll worth your money (£10)

Thats what I've been doing. Promise to do more soon, cause its spring


Studio in Berlin to share

Does anyone of you know someone who is looking for a studio in
Berlin at the moment? I have a place in my studio vacant and it would be great
to share it with someone!

Sunny room on the forth floor of a giant old DDR radiobuilding
28 qm2 for 115 Euro per month, per person
in Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastrasse 18-50,
here: http://www.nalepastrasse.de/

Best way to reach me: nadjab(at)yahoo.com

It is right next to the Spree, has a great little old cafè down by the river, is in a calm area
were artist and musicians work but not too many of them. I like it a lot.
Great would be a photographer/illustrator/writer/designer or someone who does not
do giant sculptures or paint.

If you know anyone that could be interested then it would be great if you could pass this on.
Thank you!


Dorothee elmiger and Julius von Bismarck

Tonight I spent the evening at an opening from an exhibition with
Julius von Bismarck and a reading from Dorothee Elmiger
at the Alexander Levy gallery in Berlin. I had the pleasure
of sharing studio with Dorothee for the last half year and now
she is heading of to L.A for a residency, great for her, sad for me
as she is a brilliant studio-sharing person.
In the exhibition Julius had done a video were he basically is beating up
the Alps and to this video Dorothee was reading a half an hour poem about
King Xerxes and many other more or less related topics. The combination
of the video and the poem worked very well, seems artists should stay close to writers.


By lead pencil studio. More photos here.

Make the earth a sandwich



Alpine Northwest by Charley Harper

OMG! Look what I found this morning while skipping around the web. These amazingly beautiful posters from Charley Harper were commissioned by the U.S Department of the Interior, each showcasing one national park, from Glacier Bay, Alaska to the Atlantic Barrier Islands. And now the U.S Government bookstore is selling off it's stockpile. Obviously then stock is limited but for $20 (and free shipping!!) you'd be a loon not snap one up. Now just to decide which one...... click HERE for the links.


keepin calm

Here is a sweet little video from Barter Books.

It turns out the Keep Calm and Carry On posters have a more interesting story than I thought and that Barter Books is the bookstore of our dreams.


Dalmation Bitch

Laurie's Copenhagen Romp


Die Vögel - Fratzengulasch

Joachim found this video by Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn
to a track by Die Vögel (The Birds).
I think it's great, have a look!


A is for Autism and Ace Animations

Just rewatched this gem of a video. The train animation at the end is still completely staggering. Such a sensitive and beautiful way to explain what it can be like having autism.


Bye Bye Kodak?

Today is a sad day. I woke up and turned on the radio and the first thing I hear is that Kodak
is now (finally) bankrupt. I have been working with Kodak film and paper since I started making photographs so this feel very sad..very sad indeed. Strange to realize that the project Im working on now might be the last one where Im using Kodak film and paper. I suppose I should not be surprised, but for example emily and sophia, say just imagine you have been drawing with ink all your life and now you only get to use pencils, boring or? Bloody devastating I think.
I suppose I have to try and feel some kind of love for digital photography, but it is hard to fall
in love with, somehow the smell of the darkroom and the film and the waiting is very essential to me. As long as Fuji doesn't crash down too I suppose I might be fine.
well. time to wake up from the analog sleep, but it has been a really great dream for me so lovely to work with Kodak materials. Anyhow, now I have to finish this project while I can. But maybe it is too early to say bye bye and maybe some pretty big miracle will happen!


christmas and new year

After celebrating a lovely christmas and a dancing new years party with a pheasant, a pig and some other friends I now feel very ready for 2012. Wish you all a good start!


14 parakeets

There were about 14 parakeets flitting around this tree today. It blew my mind.

Tiny Council

These aren't the best pictures, but I love Evol's stenciled estates by Farringdon. Right down to the tiny graffiti and the fact that people have started to use the space between them as a bin.


Read a Poem

Read a poem advising me to practice losing things.

I started with my watch (shoved it good and proper down the back of my bed), moved onto the lighter for the cooker (put that sucker somewhere safe), my black and white scarf (I left in a pub), an umberella (in a shop), a telephone number (was kept in my lost phone left on a bus on the way to a meeting held at the 'Seven Wounds of Jesus') and finally I let some friends drift away.

Now I must go, and this blog will lose me in its own efficient way. I will be superseded by a new thought, a picture, a creative work. My writings will shift down and off the page in a day and into the archive where they will remain buried, everything must change.


Welcome guest blogger Luke Warren

Welcome guest blogger Luke Warren. A few days after he's started... A writer and animator you can see more of his work here and read more here.


ARC and a hippo

To entertain myself in the grey days in Berlin I went to the zoo with Dorothee last weekend, the hippo was not so amuzed, and therefore we got to see his giant teeth! massive. So that was a good day. Apart from that I have been meaning to tell you about the journey I made to Paris two weeks ago, but that has to wait a little bit as I am too tired tonight. But! what I really wanted to share is that Joachim, Timo and Toni finally have their webpage together, hurray, so for a trio of fine Leipzig/Berlin based graphic designers have a look here.
And hello Luke!