Gil Scott Heron

RIP Gil Scott Heron

Makes this video a bit darker still: http://youtu.be/adq_e_NSzQ8
But then you can listen to it with the heavy beat and appreciate him another way... http://youtu.be/WiuorrXsngM


Laurie at Taktal

A still of Death from Laurie's show at Taktal at Testbed last Saturday. Twas lovely... Acapella interludes and love and sex in metaphor and some really lovely intricate shadow scenes. Death was a particular beaut.

My camera died, so I poached this photo from here but there should be video and more stills floating around.


Yto Barrada and Shaun Tan

I went to see a really nice exhibition tonight, Yto Barrada at the Deutsche Guggenheim, she has been nominated to Deutsche Bank artist of the year, her film "handed-down" was great and I liked the large size of the images, 100x100 mainly, although some of the things portrayed were rather small, like paper cut ups for dresses, or a wall with traces from picture frames. Mainly images from Tanger where she lives, I found them beautiful, here.
Then I came home, early, because I fell of my bike today and felt kind off tired of my clumsiness, but on the telephone my mum told me that Shaun Tan, above, has won the ALMA prize and is coming to give a speech in Vimmerby, my tiny hometown, on Saturday. So I looked him up, here, and I would love to see his books, the drawings look great, so for once there is a cultural activity in Vimmerby that might be interesting! well well, incredible.



hello! that above is my studio, or a part of it, it's the wall that I rebuild and try to make photographs in front off, on the other side is now a giant rather ugly sofa that we picked up yesterday and from the window in the distance I can see the tv-tower at Alexanderplats. I hope you guys can come and visit me there soon! Tonight there is an opening at a gallery here called Reception, it's the Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri and I think there could be some nice works there, I like the gallery although it is maybe a little bit too small, but it seems like an interesting place. In the last week I have had some kind of eyeinfection os I have been rather dizzy and trying to cycle when everything is out of focus and in tunnelvision is not really the best idea, now I have a pair of glasses so I can kind of see and it's only a few days until I can wear the contact lenses again, this brilliant invention, can't wait. I am trying to make photographs but it is hard when your vision is all blurred. But now I will go to the market at the Canal and see if I can find some cheap fabric for background material and then to a store to try and rent two costumes, there's a lot of organizing and finding to be done, but that's the good part. Also because Arnold is again in the media light, we watched a great documentary last night, Pumping Iron from 1975,
I can only recomend it.. Bodybuilding intrigues at it's best. What an odd world this extreme bodybuildning. And how incredibly strange that this self loving youg musclemachine went on to be the Guvenor of California.
So, I hope you guys in London town have a good weekend in front of you too, ciao!


more triangles!

Lovely Manu & Sabine's new mural in Vienna, and their soon to be backdrop for lots of baby family photos...


240 Art Show

The art show for the 240 project where I run a workshop is now up and running... It looks brilliant. It opened on Thursday to a receptive crowd and a small buying frenzy. If anyone is around west London Thu, Fri, Sat of next week I can recommend it (completely without bias, of course). It is in the lovely gallery space of the newly renovated St Peters Church. Above is a fuzzy and crappy shot of a painting by, the very prolific, Bob.


Sunny may

Hello plats friends,
I too have been busy, or Im not quite sure but the days have gone very fast, and there has not been much to write about, I read and make images and spend a lot of time in the studio, I travel to Leipzig and back to go to meetings and hang out and cycle in Berlin, We even went swimming at the weekend in Teufelsee, a little lake in the south west of Berlin, my parents came to visit last month and some friends too, and slowly Berlin is starting to feel a little bit more like a home. So that's great! Apart from that, there's a group show in Norway now with my work in it , have a look here: Vestfossen. I think it runs all summer and it is an exhibition about fear, I hope to get to see it too! I've also been to see the work of photographer Leigh Ledare, whose book I would really like to get, and then afterwards we went to see an exhibition by Boris Mikhailov,
whom I really like, strange presentation of the exhibition but somehow it suited the topic. All the days with sunshine makes it hard to go into museums and into the studio but these two shows were well worth it. But mainly I feel like eating ice cream, my new favourite being strawberry- mint and white chocolate.
The studio house has turned into something like a treasure box, I keep opening doors and there's the next room waiting, so it feels great to be there and make work. I think Im lucky to have found this place, and that's where Im going now. Rather fun to get to know a new city though, especially now when it's showing itself at it's best.


Five Dials

The new issue of Five Dials is out now and ready for your perusal. Craig Taylor invited me to respond to the theme of parenting. Having never had any children and still in the stage of being the child and not the parent, I decided to explore the personal reasons why the thought of being a mum at 27 years old still seems like an impossibility to me. Or at least a bad decision...
I have just updated my website with the projects I have been working on over the past two months (I also moved, which is why I have been so slow at getting organised.) Have a look HERE. Thank you's to Craig, Marco, Laura and my fam for the brilliant holiday in Thailand.

wee esben drawing...

Just thought I'd share.