Bright Young Thing

"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored" - Vile Bodies.


We went to Beachy Head yesterday. It was a delight. You can pick the mountains apart - bit by bit. And you can draw with everything on anything. Sea and sailboats and lots of pensioners and German exchange students to have cream tea with! Heaven.


pub nature

If you feel fear, does that make me dangerous

Saw this at Notting Hill Carnival and was impressed. Plus, while all the shops were boarding up their windows and storefronts, the church boarded up their lovely birch trees! Sometimes I love those crazy Christians.


fashionista with paper limbs

This is just a little unused sneak peak from a project I just finished for a lovely new fashion start-up in new york. I have to admit I was quite chuffed with the lovely legs and arms on this mock-up that come from an old paper sculpture I made. Doesn't she look chic? Even with her hint of a creepy ceramic face.


Today I learnt...

Some photoshop skills. I know I should already know these little things, they seem so simple. Like changing the colours of black and white line drawings, which I could do but terribly badly. A whole host of possibilities has opened up to me now and a feeling of being a little more professional than before. Above is a sketch from a project I am playing with.



If you like British novelist of the inter-war years, then you will like this
. I am going to settle down now with a cup of tea and home-made banana bread to watch this little gem. It's my treat after conquering the cleaning.


Please Call Stella

Oh wow. I'm hypnotized by this speech accent archive. Luke and I just wanted to hear more Georgia accents to go with Flannery O'Connor's short stories. I can hear the voices in my head, but Luke can't. Then we stumbled upon this.... it is mesmerizing.



This advert is just brilliant. The only line is in Swedish, but it just says: This happens every day in the Baltic. It's so simply communicated and makes you quite starkly aware of being irresponsible about what you dump or let go down the drain.

Anyway, this makes me want to plug the lovely Bio D products. You can buy them at Oxfam and the Grocery on Kingsland Rd and other such earthy shops. I was afraid I'd have to buy some crazy ass bleach to clean my limescaley loo and was way too excited that this worked. Katherine and I stood and coo-ed for a while looking at all the different versions. This sounds too much like an advert, so I'll stop there.


To do

I've just gotten back from a lovely break in Sweden now with lots to get on with and a mild cold. Sounds about right. This lovely piece from illegal art nicely sums up and makes me excited to get on with things... I'm starting with posting here after a shamefully long absence.



Want to see

Formal apologies

Please accept my apology for not posting something of note recently. I have been feeling under the weather all week and a lack of interest/ concentration has not helped. However I did listen to more WNYCs Radiolab, they are brilliant and if you have not already then I highly recommend subscribing to their podcast. I was particularly enamored with the show on time and the many concepts of it.
At the moment I am working with a Danish man, Kristian Bakkegaard Andersen. I am quite excited about the project and hopefully I will be able to show you all what I have been doing soon. But for now it's just words I'm afraid. This is a page from my sketchbook.


swimming with the fishes

I thought maybe it was about time to write something, but Im not really doing anything worth telling about. I am swimming with the fishes, or I suppose there are many fishes in the little lakes where I go swimming. I just returned from Öland, the long thin island you see on the map if you look at Sweden and now I am back in the small town where I grew up. I have a pile of books next to my bed which I do really want to read. I also have a lot of time consuming, stomach ache giving, boring and mind numbing paperwork to go through which I am trying to ignore but it's proving extremely hard. I think I have one more week left here to sort out all those things I should have done last week. Nevermind! Somehow it will all magically be done. And that's about it, I keep reading books and ignoring the paperwork. If only the books where interesting and stimulating and making my brain tick I suppose it would be worthwhile but they don't really get through and thoughts about grey paperwork keep blocking the way. I have a brave dog to keep me company and a lot of tea, somehow summer is turning into autumn and I want to have just a little bit more of summer. I want to travel more before autumn comes, see some more things and make more images, more of the good things, less of the paperwork. So, this useless piece of text here is only to tell you that I am still alive but Im taking a small break to do some paperwork and think about the next big thing to come eventually. Bye for a little while from holiday land.


Animation for Emma

I made a wee birthday animation for my sister's 30th today. I just thought I would introduce you to the cast and crew here since I can't seem to stop playing with them. Maybe I didn't have enough interesting paper dolls as a kid. At least I finally found an outlet rather than it festering into some strange dark secret.