Puttin' It Down.

After a good run at Pick Me Up @ Somerset House and hundreds and hundreds of pictures, we can all just sit back and sift through the photos of our's and other's ingenuity.... The photos are all here and prints are available from us, if anyone fancies it.


PLATS at Somerset House's PICK ME UP exhibition.

This Tuesday PLATS' held their first workshop at Somerset House as part of their PICK ME UP exhibition, the UK's first contemporary graphic art fair. We created exquisite appendages and encouraged visitors to make themselves into amazing silhouette characters, immortalizing them in a weird world of pattern and shadow. We were very excited about the response to the workshop and if you missed out (and you are in London this weekend) then you can join us again this Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th for more shadow play! We hope you can make it. Images from Tuesday can be viewed on our Flickr page.
We would like to thank Gareth, Annette, Sarah and Rosie for all their brilliant help and expertise!


exhibition in Leipzig

Hello, the sun is shining on Berlin, which makes the city look a hundred times more inviting.. I am on the search for a studio still and have been looking in many odd places, mainly basements without light, and now Im hoping to find something with light so that I can actually work. But tomorrow,Thursday, Im heading back to Leipzig to see an exhibition by a friend, Steve Viezens in Gallery Kleindienst, which would translate into gallery "small service". The same night there's also an opening in Gallery B2 with the artist group VIP that I really like so this should be fun. Apart from that I am only too happy to see the spring coming since I have been ill for most of the last three months and I hope that will finally come to an end now.

Greetings to you guys in London, from me at a very big, strangely built and home made working desk in Berlin, our "livingroom" has turned into an office.


The Cut

Luke made a new animation while I was away... I think it's brilliant. Have a peek.


distinguished animator

Joachim just showed me this at breakfast and it's great! So I thought I'd throw that into your preparation for the workshops.

It is a 1927 animation from german animator Oskar Fischinger . He also made other beautiful films with forms and patterns and some of the first music videos ever, so well worth to have a look at! It sucks that Im not in London and can be a part of this workshop and shadow play, but I bet you will have a good time. Well, last night we came back to Berlin and now we are listening to the excellent cd from Lime Headed Dog, trying to keep a bit of the London feeling alive. But it's nice to be back home, there's a lot to do and my fingers are itching, I want to work.. but trying to focus while working on a table balancing on banana boxes is very hard so Im hoping that either we build a table this week or I finally get into the studio that I want to rent and can get started there before my head explode. Better get started but thank you guys for the great time in London, again! I wish I had a Wellcome trust library just around the corner here and that my home was in the Barbican but then again, can't have it all. Have a look at the animation, it's great! ciao.


Distinguished bits and pieces

Some of the beginnings for our workshop at Pick Me Up...


Elephant Launch and Shadows Galore

The brilliant Studio at the Elephant is open again and launching tomorrow from 6pm with mask-making, Laurie's next shadow puppet show, music and lovely people. Over the next few months the space will also be an open studio and exciting space hosting some residencies and workshops, including one with Plats. Should be grand...