Curious Books.

So lovely Simon Marriott of the Society for Curious Thought has introduced a Curious Cafe Book inviting writings, drawings, collaborations, pastings-in and all sorts into the hard copy of the book (details here). I propose a wee get together at Lemon Monkey in Stoke Newington to join the book and make a contribution. When I'm back from Vienna... the week of May 9th?

And then we should enjoy the launch event on June 4th during the Stoke Newington literary festival. Eh?

Apartamento and Tasca

Event poster for the lovely people at Apartamento. I have found that if I imagine the crockery and glassware that I would want at a dinner party then it becomes even more fun. I think that it is another sign of getting old.


Stella Magazine

Just some images for a commission I did for Danish magazine 'Stella'. The theme of the issue was beauty and it is available now here.


Studio at the Elephant Den.

Thanks to Becca and Studio at the Elephant for a lovely week and brilliant Saturday of building and mapping the elephant.


animal kingdom

The days go quick in Berlin, it is finally proper spring here. I keep travelling back and forth to Leipzig but I really enjoy getting back here every time. Have spent some days doing up the studio and today I hope to find some furniture and manage to transport it there somehow, something that without a driver's license is kind of tricky.
We went to see an exhibition in the beautiful Schinkel pavillon called Animal Kingdom, lots of short films about animals from artists like Douglas Gordon, Fischli/Weiss and Werner Herzog. But my favourite were two underwater films from Jean Painlevé, one about seahorses, L'hippocampe, and one about the love life of an octopus. Beautiful! I couldn't find them online, but here is another film from him. Was quite nice to sit in the gallery for one and a half hour and watch different animal film, everything from slugs to grizzly bears..


the Elephant Den

This Thursday Emily and I start our residency at Studio at the Elephant and on Saturday we are running a kid+friendly workshop... Come! Come! The details are all below:


12-5PM: Help us map the Elephant & Castle and leave your mark
THEN! 7PM-LATE: Join us for the launch of LAWAS' upcoming residency at the studio

On Saturday the 16th of April, PLATS collective will be running a workshop around the building of a big cardboard map complete with a den inside.

Come along to see & help us by adding your home, school or your favourite places to our map. Or, you can just crawl inside the Elephant's den and write or draw your stories and memories about the area.

PLATS is a group of visual artists who work together and produce interactive installations, workshops and events.

The Elephant Den will be run by PLATS illustrators Sophia Augusta and Emily Robertson. To find out more about their collaborative and individual work have a poke around www.seeplats.com





more fooood.

The latest issue of Scoff! is out now in the Spectator with some of my foodie drawings.


Apropos skulls & drawing

I've just discovered Gerhart Richter's drawings... I don't know how I've missed them. His hand is so clearly his throughout, but it's nice to see it in paper and pencil. I saw one of his pieces at a show about modern drawing from the British Museum's collection which I can really recommend...


Viennese Pathology Sketch

This baby skeleton was playing the violin with a twig and chunk of compost in the Narrenturm in Vienna. It stuck with me. It looks so animated, and a bit buoyant and silly. Then you remember it is the skeleton of a baby, and the whole thing feels quite different.