Hats in the secret Garden

British Council A.D.F paper

PLATS was invited to be featured and interviewed for the British Council July issue of their Architecture, Design and Fashion paper. Of course we jumped at the chance! It is an amazing opportunity for us to get our name and work out onto the international design platform and I am really proud of the recognition of PLATS and your wonderful talents. Let's all give ourselves a little pat on the back and take the chance to feel a little smug!


Readymade Magazine

I made this image for a magazine that promptly closed the day after I handed in the final compositions. I don't think it was my fault.

M&S Ecclesall Road

I finally managed to get hold of photographs from the M&S eco-friendly Sheffield store at Ecclesall Road to show you all. I was most excited about the process of printing that GTF decided upon, unlike other M&S stores, the illustrations were printed onto wood panelling. I am so impressed with the detail you can see, the combination of inks and wood grain is super super sexy! (At least I think so.) I think I could make great tables with the off-cuts.


People like us and summer break

If I lived in London, I know exactly what I would do,
I would go to see People like us, Vicky Bennett, here:
Preview Event: Thursday 28 July 2011. 6‐10pm. Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Square. FREE.
A collection of short films by Vicki Bennett/People Like Us ‐ including Excerpts from "Genre Collage" ‐ will be screened on loop throughout the evening, with an introduction by the artist at 7pm. There will also be musical accompaniment provided by Osymyso and Mainwaring & Jurgensen in the bar.

And I would also already buy tickets for her show "Sound Of Fear" on 3rd of September at London's Southbank Centre.
But sadly I do not live in London, but the rest of you do! Hurray for you! So, I would really very much recommend this.

I am also taking an internet break now, I will be on holiday from next week until the end of August and hopefully only very rarely see a computer and instead read books, swim and hang out in the forest.
So, I wish you guys a nice few summer weeks with plenty of sun and swimming and I'll write when im back again, ciao!


PLATS at Secret Garden Party

Katherine painting a lovely tee shirt for our workshop at the Secret Garden Party next Thursday. We are teaming up with All We Need to produce headgear and such for a day of their gaming. Then we will see Blondie. Hot dog.


Bird Heads and Harmoniums

Working on a wee video spot and found the brilliance of a found harmonium and then the Penguin Cafe Orchestra with this cover art gem.