Bye Bye Kodak?

Today is a sad day. I woke up and turned on the radio and the first thing I hear is that Kodak
is now (finally) bankrupt. I have been working with Kodak film and paper since I started making photographs so this feel very sad..very sad indeed. Strange to realize that the project Im working on now might be the last one where Im using Kodak film and paper. I suppose I should not be surprised, but for example emily and sophia, say just imagine you have been drawing with ink all your life and now you only get to use pencils, boring or? Bloody devastating I think.
I suppose I have to try and feel some kind of love for digital photography, but it is hard to fall
in love with, somehow the smell of the darkroom and the film and the waiting is very essential to me. As long as Fuji doesn't crash down too I suppose I might be fine.
well. time to wake up from the analog sleep, but it has been a really great dream for me so lovely to work with Kodak materials. Anyhow, now I have to finish this project while I can. But maybe it is too early to say bye bye and maybe some pretty big miracle will happen!

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