swimming with the fishes

I thought maybe it was about time to write something, but Im not really doing anything worth telling about. I am swimming with the fishes, or I suppose there are many fishes in the little lakes where I go swimming. I just returned from Öland, the long thin island you see on the map if you look at Sweden and now I am back in the small town where I grew up. I have a pile of books next to my bed which I do really want to read. I also have a lot of time consuming, stomach ache giving, boring and mind numbing paperwork to go through which I am trying to ignore but it's proving extremely hard. I think I have one more week left here to sort out all those things I should have done last week. Nevermind! Somehow it will all magically be done. And that's about it, I keep reading books and ignoring the paperwork. If only the books where interesting and stimulating and making my brain tick I suppose it would be worthwhile but they don't really get through and thoughts about grey paperwork keep blocking the way. I have a brave dog to keep me company and a lot of tea, somehow summer is turning into autumn and I want to have just a little bit more of summer. I want to travel more before autumn comes, see some more things and make more images, more of the good things, less of the paperwork. So, this useless piece of text here is only to tell you that I am still alive but Im taking a small break to do some paperwork and think about the next big thing to come eventually. Bye for a little while from holiday land.

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