animal kingdom

The days go quick in Berlin, it is finally proper spring here. I keep travelling back and forth to Leipzig but I really enjoy getting back here every time. Have spent some days doing up the studio and today I hope to find some furniture and manage to transport it there somehow, something that without a driver's license is kind of tricky.
We went to see an exhibition in the beautiful Schinkel pavillon called Animal Kingdom, lots of short films about animals from artists like Douglas Gordon, Fischli/Weiss and Werner Herzog. But my favourite were two underwater films from Jean Painlevé, one about seahorses, L'hippocampe, and one about the love life of an octopus. Beautiful! I couldn't find them online, but here is another film from him. Was quite nice to sit in the gallery for one and a half hour and watch different animal film, everything from slugs to grizzly bears..

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  1. http://www.zappinternet.com/video/PeZhReqMug/

    here also, have a look!