People like us and summer break

If I lived in London, I know exactly what I would do,
I would go to see People like us, Vicky Bennett, here:
Preview Event: Thursday 28 July 2011. 6‐10pm. Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey Square. FREE.
A collection of short films by Vicki Bennett/People Like Us ‐ including Excerpts from "Genre Collage" ‐ will be screened on loop throughout the evening, with an introduction by the artist at 7pm. There will also be musical accompaniment provided by Osymyso and Mainwaring & Jurgensen in the bar.

And I would also already buy tickets for her show "Sound Of Fear" on 3rd of September at London's Southbank Centre.
But sadly I do not live in London, but the rest of you do! Hurray for you! So, I would really very much recommend this.

I am also taking an internet break now, I will be on holiday from next week until the end of August and hopefully only very rarely see a computer and instead read books, swim and hang out in the forest.
So, I wish you guys a nice few summer weeks with plenty of sun and swimming and I'll write when im back again, ciao!

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