Guerilla Gardening

Check out Becca's lovely mural for the gardeners that are taking over the Heygate Estate gardens and using them in a brilliant DIY community project. This week a full feature of the project and the future of the estate can be seen in London's TimeOut. When something so positive can be born out of a near derelict estate, it is a wonder that Southwark council is trying to ban the 'illegal gardening' and claims that the site is too dangerous for the public to be in ( - and they did not mean the safety of buildings structure). I once met two councillors from Southwark and their views on how they see the Elephant and Castle development going were frighteningly sterile, with Starbucks and high end flats, turning the Elephant into just another boring, homogenous part of the city. Jeez. So it is great to see creativity and common sense giving the council two (green) fingers. Visit the Elephant and Castle Urban Forest website to see how you can get involved.

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