exhibition and some stress

Hello, I haven't written for a while now, but somehow time has gone very quick the last weeks, on Friday I'm already leaving this place for Sweden and Christmas. But before that, tonight, there is a little exhibition from me and three other ladies in a room at the HGB.

Joachim made us the beautiful postcard with a crashed duck, I think it will be a fun night. Im showing a projection of 84 slides that I made with stuffed birds from 1890-1912, a treasure that I borrowed from a friend, the birds still look gorgeous after all those years put away in a shoebox, maybe because they were conserved with arsenic back in the days. Apart from that I am working on my big number one project, hoping somehow to get all the interviews I want and get access to the archives I want to visit in different countries, but all this organization takes time and is kind of hard since I don't speak French, can't believe I learned French for seven years in school and now all I do is speaking German and French is all gone, hardly a trace left.

Time to head off and finish the last things for this little exhibition, if anyone reads this in Leipzig then do come by!

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