Big British Castle

I've been a little busy but I have also been engrossing myself in some wonderful BBC programmes whilst drawing, and my belief in the British Broadcasting Corporation has been slightly resolved! First off was the two part series which sees David Attenborough (I wish he was my Grandpa) explaining the beginning of life on Earth and how evolution happened. It looks pretty terrifying to be alive then, but also wonderful. First Life isn't available anymore on the iplayer but I highly recommend watching it. Another programme which I am late posting and is no longer available on the iplayer, but was excellent, is Glasgow Boys. And a surprise talking head appearance (which filled me with complete joy) from Jack (the painter I lived with in halls and then moved into Sophia and Nadja's flat) who was standing in the middle of a field painting and talking to Muriel Grey. If you are in London then a visit to the RA to see the traveling show is a must! At the moment there are some excellent programmes on BBC4:
The Art of Germany
The Beauty of Diagrams - the importance of drawing in civilisation's progress is inspiring.
The Art of Cornwall - the presenter is slightly annoying but bearable.

These are all still on the iplayer so if you can then watch!

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