distinguished animator

Joachim just showed me this at breakfast and it's great! So I thought I'd throw that into your preparation for the workshops.

It is a 1927 animation from german animator Oskar Fischinger . He also made other beautiful films with forms and patterns and some of the first music videos ever, so well worth to have a look at! It sucks that Im not in London and can be a part of this workshop and shadow play, but I bet you will have a good time. Well, last night we came back to Berlin and now we are listening to the excellent cd from Lime Headed Dog, trying to keep a bit of the London feeling alive. But it's nice to be back home, there's a lot to do and my fingers are itching, I want to work.. but trying to focus while working on a table balancing on banana boxes is very hard so Im hoping that either we build a table this week or I finally get into the studio that I want to rent and can get started there before my head explode. Better get started but thank you guys for the great time in London, again! I wish I had a Wellcome trust library just around the corner here and that my home was in the Barbican but then again, can't have it all. Have a look at the animation, it's great! ciao.

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