exhibition in Leipzig

Hello, the sun is shining on Berlin, which makes the city look a hundred times more inviting.. I am on the search for a studio still and have been looking in many odd places, mainly basements without light, and now Im hoping to find something with light so that I can actually work. But tomorrow,Thursday, Im heading back to Leipzig to see an exhibition by a friend, Steve Viezens in Gallery Kleindienst, which would translate into gallery "small service". The same night there's also an opening in Gallery B2 with the artist group VIP that I really like so this should be fun. Apart from that I am only too happy to see the spring coming since I have been ill for most of the last three months and I hope that will finally come to an end now.

Greetings to you guys in London, from me at a very big, strangely built and home made working desk in Berlin, our "livingroom" has turned into an office.

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