The Whiff of Britain and other things

Ta da! You can now see the illustrations I have created for Space NK's new fragrance line - Beautannia.
This has been one of my favourite commissions, and it was a pleasure to work with the lovely lovely Jenny Dyson and her team at Pencil HQ. The idea of the brief was to immerse my eyes in British fashion and culture, using the names of the new fragrances as starting points - Bloomsbury, Brideshead and Balfour. Having just read a Bloomsbury-ites biography and been thrilled at the stories, and then beginning to acquaint myself with Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh's letters to each other, I was naturally overjoyed at the images I could draw from, oh the clothes! oh the facial hair! oh oh oh! After collapsing in a taffeta overload and quickly reminded that we didn't live in the 20s anymore, my sketches evolved to looking at modern fashion designers and the shapes and references that were being used on this seasons catwalks. Subtle lifestyle pointers were added to enhance the characters stories and suggest the type of person that embodies the new quintessential British fragrances. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the fictional couples, who had to feel like more than a drawing and reflect the product, I felt like a cross between a stylist with an un-ending closet and a mini-god - most gratifying!
Also my website has been updated with the projects I have been working on since May...maybe you would like to have a look?

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