Now I am relatively un-busy I have been trying to keep in a routine, right now I am in bed but I am sorting out admin and collecting things to blog about. Does that count as a good working practice? Anyway I found this and I loved it, specially since I have had to be part of the Londoners commute for a month or so. It was exciting at first and I strode purposefully through stragglers and tourists, Carly Simon's 'Let the River Run' giving meaning to my mornings. Then I realised I was becoming someone else, someone I didn't particularly like, who was impatient, rude and had no time for other travellers. Technically I didn't, because my time keeping is not impeccable, but still I remember that before I would treasure my little knowledge of the big city and feel genuinely chuffed when someone did ask me. Living in London, I thought, was like when you learn the traffic light system of the Glasgow Charring Cross motorway crossing - when you figure it out, for a moment you are master of the city. 
I began to wonder why I was so cross and grouchy, making snide comments to people who were lost or stood in MY way! Shocking! I like to think it is a combination of the unbearable heat on the underground and the people in suits, who cram themselves into the carriages - folding themselves up before adding themselves to the mass of grey and ties, edging towards opening doors and jockeying for the front position. Their mindset is infectious, you start to hear what they can hear in their heads - 'surely I am the most important person, with important things to do and no time for dilly-dallying, not for one second.' This is when it struck me. I am a Londoner now.

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