Austrian Celebrations

I barely got back here, had time to arrange some things and enjoy, or not so much, a few days of 38 degrees and some football and now in a few hours me and Joachim are taking the train to Wien, a ten hour journey where I will try and prepare for the German language test I have to make next week in order to do a Master/Meister here, so, fingers crossed..
Very much looking forward to this weekend in Austria, Wien and finally Jois and the celebration of the lovely Sabine and Manuel wedding, tjohoo. Whilst in Wien I think I might try and visit this place on the image, which has nothing to do with wedding at all and might feel like a bit of an absurd way to start this celebrational time but nevermind, I think I will go there anyway. It's a place called "the Narrenturm" and it used to be a hospital for the mentally ill, now it's turned into a museum hopefully full of strange stuff in jars and odd drawings, so that could be exciting and then I think I might have to go to the Prater also, such a great place, and fun to make photographs there, maybe this time I will manage to go on some of the rides too, last time I was there somehow I failed to do it, but ths time, no more excuses. Time to pack some things and get the train soon, nothing better then getting on a train and going somewhere.

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