Slightly in response to Nadja's tour in Romania... It reminded me of the absolutely incredible Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. These are all crazy astronomical architectural instruments intended to view the constellations. They are very precise and incredibly elegant. The structures themselves invite you to climb and touch and really explore as if you've stumbled upon a complete other reality. Like a blindingly bright Dr. Seuss world. The biggest sundial in the world is there with massive sweeping curves coming off the 27m tall gnomen tower. It is so big that the shadow is moving fast enough to be visibly counting the minutes. All our absolutely cracked out guide told us through his mouth full of paan and red saliva as his teeth rotted out before our very eyes was: "Madaaaaaaaam, this is a sundial." And then moved on. He was just in a completely other reality completely devoid of curiosity.


  1. I also have some photos of my travels in Romania.


    Omar Zingaro Bhatia


  2. Thanks Mr. Omar.... I'm having a peek now at your lovely blog.