I meant to post this a while back... it's a sneaky picture from the SKIN show at the Wellcome Collection right now. It's two ladies in the 20's using rubber masks to preserve their beauty in a really terrifying and oddly serene way. But the skin show is completely inspiring and at times revolting. I consider myself to have quite strong nerves (as long as I'm allowed to be uncontrollably tearing) and was impressed by the exhibits managing to be simultaneously fascinating and uncomfortable. Watching a doctor's training video from the 60's showing them shaving the skin off of a leg for a graft actually damn near made me lose it. Anyway, go see it if you can.... or check out what's available online... I mentioned this to you Nadja, I think it's right up your alley... and potential collaboration fuel.


  1. Hej!
    yes it does seem like something I would visit,
    although it seems very unsettling and maybe there's not enough stuff in jars to keep my attention! No, it seems odd and great, I wish I could come over to London and see it but right now I am very busy doing nothing in Sweden. How was your journey in France, what did you see?

  2. Hej!
    Not many things in jars, no... but lots of wax models of horrific ailments and faces twisted in discomfort. Like mounted human body parts the way you would mount a bird or deer head... At least there are some pictures online...
    France was super lovely... We went to Strasbourg, Dijon and Paris... we mostly just explored the cities and wine, but it was brilliant. There was a very cool little art festival on in Dijon, but through the torrential rain and me only having wedding shoes and espadrilles (stupidly) we ended up hiding from the rain a lot and not making it around as much as I would have liked. We spent ages in a few brilliant sound pieces by Christian Sebille. In the Palais Duc Bourgogne, a really lavish environment with these different soundscapes. It's impossible to explain sound art isn't it? I took a picture though, like a fool, I just wanted to remember it myself. The picture won't tell anyone else anything, but Luke and I will know... and we'll smile to ourselves.
    Enjoy Sweden! I'm going next week for a bit...