grey saturday

After having spent most of this Saturday asleep I have now finally come alive again. Tonight I am heading to the cinema to see two Truffaut films with the actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, the first one was on two days ago, English title "400 Blows" and tonight it's time for "Bed and Board" and "Love on run". Should be great, I really like being in the cinema at the moment, and I think that's were I will spend a lot of nights this winter, warm, dark and looking at beautiful images, what more could I wish for? Well, maybe a Sunday matinee with two films for the price of one like there used to be at GFT in Glasgow. This week have been busy, Im trying to make images Me and David have been commissioned to make the 14 stations of the cross, "The way of the cross" for a church in London, so I am spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to tell the story without making it too blunt or literal. We have agreed on using everyday objects and try and create some kind of still lives and well, it's fun to do but since I am not religious at all I suppose I have a lot to learn and pay attention to. Anyhow, Im looking forward to see how this one turns out, we have time until March. Sophia, enjoy New York, I wish I was going too! but I'll go to the cinema instead.

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