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Hello, it was a busy week somehow in it's luxury. Photographing on Monday, seminar about film and text on Tuesday and Wednesday, then train to Berlin. Spent the Thursday looking for props such as latex masks and a fake mustache and some beards and although I went to the small shop for magicians on Hermannstraße where I've seen those things before they were now all gone in the Hallowen rush, so, I suppose I have to look online. on Thursday evening we went to Kulturforum to see the exhibition "Welt als Schrift", or the World as words/typography, the photograph above is from a page that writes about the book, I know you might not be able to read German but click on the image anyway and take a look. Starting 1890 and ending around 2010 the book and exhibition shows examples of different fonts/designs/posters/ well, all kinds of printed matter really. I found the basement floor a beauty and I think for a graphic designer it might be a small dream with Jan Tschichold, El Lissitzky, Dada and many more. So that was great and on another floor in the house there is an exhibition called Words as Image which is based on work from the middle ages, incredible drawings made up of tiny tiny pieces of text, I thought I had been writing small but these lines were so fine, incredible, it must have taken ages. And also some drawings and decorations of holy scripts made by nuns with little creatures looking like headfoot animals and fine patterns, reminding me of figures from Hieronymus Bosch.

Friday was Mar tin Gropius Bau and an exhibition with László Moholy- Nagy. They showed films, photographs, books, dia's, paintings, collages and sketches for stage settings, so pretty much a bit of everything. The films were black and white from Marseille, Berlin and London Zoo, they had a very quick editing and some amazing images. I also really enjoyed watching a film his students had made in 1945 called "Don't Disturb" were they are just messing around trying out different tricks, cut and paste and incredible colors, lots of fun. I tried to find it in internet but no luck, so no link but you can watch a film of László Moholy- Nagy here.

Then we went to c/o Berlin were I skipped the black and white rather ugly framed exhibition of fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh whom Im sure many people find fantastic but Im not so keen on that kind of photography.

Next doors to his giant prints were some small color photographs from Fred Herzog and they were fantastic. Dias from 1950s Vancouver, brilliant colors and the streets look just great. I kind of wanted to get the book but it was a bit pricy and small somehow a strange format. There seem to be many good shows coming up at c/o Berlin this spring and since I am finally taking the step of moving to Berlin from Leipzig at the end of January, if all goes well, then there's plenty of exhibitions to look forward too..

We had to get back to Leipzig yesterday so I missed out on the opening of Nan Goldin's exhibition but im not too bothered, I think I have already experienced her at her best when she got awarded the Hasselblad prize in Gothenburgh and Boris Mikhailov came up on stage and pulled out a papercrown from his suitpocket and put it on her head, ah, sweet. My head is sore after staying out too late for the dorian concept concert in Connie Island last night, which I really enjoyed(!) and therefore I think I will stop now. Enough fun for a week and back to work, which..I must say..also is fun when it just involves making images and not applying and doing crap paperwork.

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