the fools in berlin

I'm sorry for the lack of updates from my part for the last month, i have been both busy and somehow it's now my fourth week of having some kind of flu that does not seem to leave me alone. Probably because I do not stay in bed and get well, but that is so incredibly boring once you get over the first two days of enjoying sleeping in. We have moved now aswell, left Leipzig after almost four years (on and off) and now I suppose I should call Berlin home, we'll see about that, only spent one week here after the move and then I was mainly just sick so did not get to go around so much. After that we went to Wien to meet up with Sophia and try and do some research, some of it more succesful, other parts can not even with my best will be called succesful..but I don't know what I expected, it's hard to prepare with a head full of flu. Still, our searches in the archives turned out good and I enjoyed looking through manuscripts, reading original texts and seeing beautiful drawings. Also, as a non scientist, I am still very excited about filing systems, the texture of cards and papers, ordering books and all that, I guess that's something you get tired off if you do it long enough but I still find it great. That, and buying masks in a costume shop and some records in Substance, which seemed lika a very nice little record store.

Then after ten hours on a train with Sophia sleeping, Joachim reading and me learning about the Narrenturm we arrived back in Berlin. I love being on trains in Europe, especially when you get cheap tickets and can go to Vienna for 29 euros, brillliant! After a lovely weekend with Izzy and Sophia I now have to focus and somehow try to get well again.
I think I will go and check out where I can read and how to find a studio so as to be able to start working and making images. Seems like there are many spaces here but equally many people wanting to use them..so let's see.

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