It is 1.23 am in Abu Dhabi and I am sitting in a lounge trying to pass the ten hours we have to wait here before flying on to Thailand. I am increasingly grouchy with lack of comfortable sleep and regressing to a teenager because I am with my parents and everyone keeps thinking I am one. Which should be a compliment to a newly turned 27 year old but I have decided that it is just fucking annoying and patronising.
The airport here is odd, partly because it is being done up so hardly anything is open and because terminal one looks a bit like a set from a 70s sci-fi movie, it is quite amazing. The main reason though is that there seems to be no apparent structure or obvious route you need to take to get anywhere, everything is just mixed up together; duty free here, security there but also over there and then checking in and gates randomly scattered willy-nilly. We arrived in the dark, which hasn't helped to orient myself, but from what I can gather from walking around and peering out of the dark windows is that the airport appears to be some sort of Star Wars set transplanted in the desert, big domes with tiny windows and passages coming off connecting you to other domes. Although that sounds fun, I can't help feeling like we are stuck in a time hole. At the moment time, morning and night mean nothing to my body, I am sure this is how it always is when you travel far, I can't remember feeling so disorientated though.
So for now I am going to ignore time. I hope this makes sense....I am very tired.

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