two exhibitions in Malmö and London

After a week in Berlin it's time to head off again, this time with train to Copenhagen and and Malmö, with bags full of framed images that I hope we can carry without breaking our backs.

In Malmö I am participating in a group show, there is a Photography festival going on there over the weekend, click here for full program, it looks like it could be good! My work is on display with "Skanes Konstförening", here.

Im looking forward to going back to Sweden, even if it's only for a few days and I can't wait to eat a Semla! For those of you who do not know what that is, here is an imagefrom this page were someone has put together a list of were to buy the best one's in Sweden. It is basically a bun with creme and almond, but it's great! So between hanging the exhibition and meeting friends I will be in the bakery and eat as many of those as I can and then when I have stuffed myself full I will fly to London, that is if the plane can carry such a heavy Semla as that what I have then become.

In London is the exhibition opening of mine and David O'Kanes images for "The way of the cross", on the 8th of March at 7.30, here, and there is also a book launch for a publication showing the different artist's responses to the stations over the last five years. I never thought I would make images for a church but I think the end result is interesting and Im looking forward to the opening night, also because we got Carol Anne McGowan to do a concert for the night and that will probably be incredibly beautiful. So yeah, you should come along! That's what I will be up to for the next week and a half, travels and exhibitions. Should be good!
In Berlin we went to see a nice little show with 75 artist books from Sol LeWitt, it was at the Art Laboratory in Wedding, a small space were one can also ask to be shown the books out of the display cases, so that was cool! Well worth a visit, it's open for two more weeks.

Now I have to arrange some stuff, print out tickets and write down information. I finally managed to register in Berlin, last week I met with a woman who clearly hated her job and people who can't understand bureaucracy, like me, she was incredibly unfriendly but today a nice young man who was into photography helped me so it was easy peasy and now I officially live in Berlin. Well done me. I don't know why I am so dumbstruck as soon as it comes to paperwork of this kind, maybe because I never payed attention in the classes dealing with these kind of things in school, but now when I have to understand it in German too..I just feel like I want to go home to Sweden, nevermind, I shall be brave.

So, hopefully see you soon, either in Malmö or in London!

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  1. Ahh sounds brilliant. Bring many printed things for us to see and admire in london. And eat many semlor for me too...