Five Dials

The new issue of Five Dials is out now and ready for your perusal. Craig Taylor invited me to respond to the theme of parenting. Having never had any children and still in the stage of being the child and not the parent, I decided to explore the personal reasons why the thought of being a mum at 27 years old still seems like an impossibility to me. Or at least a bad decision...
I have just updated my website with the projects I have been working on over the past two months (I also moved, which is why I have been so slow at getting organised.) Have a look HERE. Thank you's to Craig, Marco, Laura and my fam for the brilliant holiday in Thailand.

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  1. the drawings turned out great! I should download it, I really liked their issue with the writing about food and drinks, it made me want to eat wellmade food and drink the finest wine all the time.