Yto Barrada and Shaun Tan

I went to see a really nice exhibition tonight, Yto Barrada at the Deutsche Guggenheim, she has been nominated to Deutsche Bank artist of the year, her film "handed-down" was great and I liked the large size of the images, 100x100 mainly, although some of the things portrayed were rather small, like paper cut ups for dresses, or a wall with traces from picture frames. Mainly images from Tanger where she lives, I found them beautiful, here.
Then I came home, early, because I fell of my bike today and felt kind off tired of my clumsiness, but on the telephone my mum told me that Shaun Tan, above, has won the ALMA prize and is coming to give a speech in Vimmerby, my tiny hometown, on Saturday. So I looked him up, here, and I would love to see his books, the drawings look great, so for once there is a cultural activity in Vimmerby that might be interesting! well well, incredible.

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  1. I would love to hear Shaun Tan speak! He is 100% without a doubt my favourite illustrator. I highly recommend checking out his books! The picture you have above is from his graphic novel The Arrival but they are all stunning.