Just a wee picture from outside Freud's house in London. Nadja and I had a lovely rainy day visit poring over all of his many many antiquities and books. A very sophisticated hoarder of sorts. So many little figures and statuettes. They took up so much space on his desk that there was hardly any space left for his papers. It did remind me somewhat of being small and tucking all of my toys into the bed and then having no room left for myself and bedding down on the floor. I didn't even really love or fear most of my toys, so I still don't completely understand why I did this. Maybe just to create order. He used to greet some of them or touch different ones depending on the topics... maybe it was just how he remembered things. Instead of a mnemonic device, a tangible object representation... or a physical synesthesia linked not to his other senses but to his readings.

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