"How to make a book with Steidl"

The weekend is over, it has been a very good one. On Saturday lots of findings in the sun at a very good fleamarket here in Leipzig, great stuff for images and some things that Im not quite sure what I will use for but that I bought anyhow. Big success. Today we went to a small city called Jena to see an exhibition by Louise Bourgeois, it was a very small place and somehow the sculptures looked much to big for it and the selction of drawings were not so great but I did very much like getting a chance to see "He dissapeared into complete silence" as I find those nine engravings so beautiful and witty. So that made the journey very much worthwhile, I would really have liked to meet her and it makes me angry that actually it was possible to go to her studio and I missed out on it because I did not know about it the one time I was in New York, well, anyhow, it might not have been so good to go there either, not always a great plan to meet your idols I suppose. Then we hurried back to Leipzig to go and see the documentary"How to make a book with Steidl" about Gerhard Steidl and his journeys across the world. Seems to be an incredibly hard working man, but what a great job. Paris and Chanel for meetings one day and the next Robert Frank in Mabou which seemed great, I loved the scene where Robert Frank is searching through his polaroid trying to find the most suitable one for the last page in one of his books, sweet, I found it very interesting and funny seeing this man with all his books and strong will.
Now I just got back, have made a fire to try and heat up this place but it seems like a lost cause tonight, crazy that it's getting so cold again already, if it continues this way I will spend my winter days in the library, studio and cinema and not at home..

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