A moral complex

Ai Weiwei, Tate Modern, newest contribution to the Unilever Series.

'Visitors are encouraged not to take home a souvenir'.
ALL I wanted to do was take one.
Do I honour the normal code of conduct, respect the piece and simply walk on it, get dirty, smile a bit and then go home?
I wonder if I could have taken a bit of the crack, I would have?
But there are one hundred million of them!!!
thats 100,000,000!!
Surely its Made to be taken. Its like immigration. Doesn't Ai Weiwei want to scatter the seeds?
Its perfect for the piece, isnt it? for it to slowly disappear?
Or do I have it all wrong. Respect the art, after all, it is Good. It is Very Good.
The inner turmoil dominates my mind.
Actually, I wouldn't call it inner turmoil, I made up my mind pretty soon after I got there. I respect art. They're very beautiful. And feel great underfoot and in the hand.
Ai Weiwei! I wanna shout your name all day.

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