Election Fever.

So having been a disinterested voter for many years, this years election has got me hooked and enjoying the buzz of change. Aside from a five hour nap, I have been hungrily devouring; facts, figures and graphs, watching the heroic David Dimbleby badgering tired men in suits for their opinions and his eyes slowly drooping. This image is a proportional representation of votes in the UK so far at 15.20 today. It is a more exact view of winning seats and more comforting than the geographical map, not only in the lovely square grid but also the sea of blue seems a little less omnipresent in England. It's all quite exciting really, we have a hung parliament - the Conservative's have the majority but not by enough to declare an outright win. A bit of wheeling and dealing is going to have to be done before we find out what change we have created and the face of our new Government.

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