"Thanks for sharing"- an exhibition of art zines at D21, Demmeringstrasse, Leipzig
While you guys have all been busy voting and thinking about the future of your great island I
have been busy looking at a selection of 200 zines in this great little exhibition. Something very satisfying about standing there and looking them all through.
Apart from that I just finally finished reading the book with the brilliant title "Mad, bad and sad" by Lisa Appignanesi, the book is reviewed here.
With lots of case examples the book is a sort of guide throught the development of mind theories during the last two centuries with a particular focus on women. Different treatment forms are discussed, all from putting pressure on the ovaries to drugs. The need to put labels on mental diseases and how a sort of index of the mind has grown provides many interesting stories. Im really fascinated about how they at many hospitals and especially L'Salpetriere in Paris used photography as a way of documenting patients with mental problems, they would carefully photograph the head, the hands, the nose to note changes and try to find similarities, much like x-rays and scans are used today. I would love to get my hands on some more of those images. Anyhow, I found the book very interesting.
Im going out in the sun now because my flat is too cold, enjoy your sunday!

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