Postal Children

No way.... Too too good. The Postal Museum captions this puppy with details about how a handful of children were sent during the early days of parcel post. They just had stamps on their clothing and sat next to the postal carriers... It was soon forbidden and this is just posed. But I don't care. This is genius. It was always my dream to travel at postal price. I used to hide zipped up in suitcases during games of hide and seek. Since my sisters were never too fussed that they couldn't find me, the game would end but I would be silent and zipped up in a woolen cupboard for long long periods of time. Happily dreaming about the potential of what I'd discovered.


  1. Oh my, that's wonderful. Although the postman looks a bit stern, I am not sure he would be the whistling, chirpy kind.
    I've just remembered dens and I would like to build one.

  2. i heard on the radio that an american sent himself to freedom in the mail way back when and also, you know the velvet underground song about walter jefferies? it's on white light white heat

  3. african american slave that is