News from Germany.


This is Nadja signing on from Germany land.
I just returned here after a week home in Sweden, a painful wisdom tooth operation and a weekend with friends in Copenhagen. Somehow, and mysteriously, a lot of fellow students from the Glasgow time seem to be living there now, very nice indeed.
At the moment all Im doing is getting ready for the show in Amsterdam on the 22nd of May, I bought tickets to get the train there today and tomorrow I am going to the printers to see the proofs of the new catalog, which should be very exciting!
In Leipzig, where I live, more or less since four years now although I don't like admitting it, there's an area called Spinnerei and last weekend the eleven galleries there opened new exhibitions. Since I just got back I have only had time to look at one of them, two friends from Ireland are exhibiting in the Filipp Rosbach Gallery, David O'Kane, have a look here: http://www.davidokane.com/, and Carol Anne McGowen, who's beautiful music you can listen to here: http://www.myspace.com/carolannemcgowan, or see live on Thursday, if you happen to find yourself in Dublin.
The little bird above is my studio companion, found in a dusty shop. Somehow it's skeleton have collapsed, I tied it back together but it's an anatomical disaster. That's all for now, tonight is a lazy evening.

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