On the way to Romania

After the lovely weekend in Berlin this week is rushing forward at top speed. I am trying to get a million things done at the same time and therefore achieving next to nothing.Tomorrow morning at 6 me, Joachim and Timo fly to Romania. They have both been there before but I haven't and I think it will be great, feels very good to travel outside my usual triangel Britain-Sweden-Germany.
In Berlin I discovered the galleries behind Hamburger Bahnhof and got strangely disgusted by Damien Hirst's installation of two glass cabinets full with flies, a bleeding cowhead and some plastic chairs. The sound, small flame and fall every time a fly flew into the electrical grill was rather disturbing when watched repeatedly and so close. I decided to wait with the Biennale and instead walked around the city with Tim. We made it to the opening mentioned below in the evening, a show curated by Silja Leifsdottir, also a Glasgow School of Art graduate. She had done a fine work and the Grimm Projects had two beautiful rooms, so it looked very good. I particularly liked the odd feeling of touching a giant floating stone in a small bath and the way Kristina showed her slide in the room on a paper attached to strings, very elegant.
For those of you who are in London, there's a small image of mine in the new issue of Brand magazine, so have a look at that if you can come across it. Today I am packing and arranging a lot of things before leaving, I want to rebuild my studio into a stage, paint the walls and pick up some wood to get started. So, time to head off now and see how far I get today. Maybe you will hear from me in Romania, or maybe afterwards in a week. ciao

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