London then and now...

London: a city rich in history. 'Hih, yeah, we all knew that,' you say – but did we all knew (know) that the city was built in celebration of the capitalist board game Monopoly. Indeed in the early days a Monopoly board doubled as a map of the city and tourists could be seen holding aloft these playing mats while galavanting around the square in top hats, boots and other oversized markers. Fortunately the city quickly outgrew its ludicrous origins: the one-way dice-operated transport system was replaced by 'The Underground' (a series of warrens created by a giant coin operated rabbit that escaped its enclosure at London Zoo [to this day it has not been captured: some speculate it burrowed under the ocean to France, although there is no proof of that]) and the labyrynthine streets were made negotiable by the A-Z. However for those keen to see old London its not all change: to this day criminals fester in the city's jails desperately trying againt all odds (well 12:2 odds) to roll double six.

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