Berlin fun

The last week has been pure summer in Leipzig, swimming in lakes and seeing the one new biergarden open after the other, this place is absolutely beautiful right now but still Im heading to Berlin on adventures tomorrow. The exhibition above is opening and that should be great and the 6th Berlin Biennale is happening too.
Just came home after a rather nice evening watching a theater play in the park and then some VM, as it is starting today. Sweden is having a crap year, no Eurovision song contest and no soccer.. so I suppose I have to find some other country to support, that or watch every game.
But watching them outside in lovely warm summer evenings in the new beautiful biergarden next to a small canal and an empty factory in plagwitz is actually really tempting.. Getting an early train tomorrow so should try and pack some things and go to sleep.
Great to have Berlin just a small train ride away. Needless to say Im very much looking forward to it!

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