Magnificent Maps.

Today has been completely awesome for several reasons. Let me tell you my top 10 things of today:
  1. I woke up at 5.30 am with a hungry belly and snook downstairs for a snack of coco pops, which was made even better with the company of the kitty. We then both wriggled back into bed, after a few cat-in-hair adjustments, and slept til ten.
  2. Upon waking Joe made me a sausage sandwich and ketchup. He hates ketchup.
  3. I met up with Sophia in Somerstown and wolfed down a yummy croque-monsieur, whilst avoiding becoming involved in an altercation between the barman and a poor boy collecting market research clutching a box of choc-ices. Overhearing guide book local knowledge and straining to catch more about windows.
  4. At the jumble sale I bought Zola's 'Nana', a beautiful dinky little Sekonda watch made in the USSR and a pearl bird brooch. Score!
  5. The sun shone.
  6. Cappuccino, Earl Grey and two cigarettes in the sun.
  7. Visiting 'Magnificent Maps' at the British Library and learning it was free. I highly recommend you visit if you can. It was a-mazing! Maps are cool, and don't let anyone tell you different. My head is still mapping the possibilities...(hm excuse the pun.) p.s the website for the exhibition is an interactive map adventure, be sure to have a play.
  8. Bumping into unexpected old and/or new friends is always an unexpected joy and/or leg shaking.
  9. Not being wholly satisfied with the British Library's selection of map posters - really, they need to get their act together - but buying Wenceslaus Hollar's Map of London. see picture.
  10. More tea, drawing, tuna-cheese toasty and Antonioni's 'Blow Up'.

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