Sally Mann

Sally Mann opened her solo show at The Photographers' Gallery last night. Her luminescent prints emit a glow. Her large glass negatives present a gentle shift in focus, which crosses most of her frames. Each presents a very tactile image broken frequently by imperfection.

I loved the pictures, my eyes enjoyed monochrome imagery for a change, my heart enjoyed the care taken to make the pictures with an ancient process*, and the reality in the analogue prints created in me a sense of relief.
She consistenly depicts a delicate pain in beauty, and for me tore visual symbolism from stereotype.
Go see.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collodion_process *

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  1. Ooooh! I pulled out the Guardian article about her show because I was really in love with her images and the beauty of what she creates. As the viewer you are treated to warm, loving, luxurious images and you sort of swim in the soothing tones of the monochrome. I like them alot and have never really looked at Mann's work before, other than the controversial beach series with her children. I am mentally nagging myself to go soon, if anyone cares to join me.