back from amsterdam

Finally I get to update. Am back in a very rainy Leipzig, has the volcano ash something to do with this? After a week of
absolute sunshine in Amsterdam, where the exhibition is now up and running. Some images here at Gabriel Rolt's webpage
I feel quite happy now when all three parts are finished and all three catalogs are made. A rare feeling so I
had to congratulate myself with a pat on the shoulder and then immediately move on to something else. Now I am trying to write, apply and get to grips with the german bureaucracy, which proves to be a nightmare but the good thing
is that my head is full off bookmarkets and flea markest in amsterdam, sunshine and beer so that makes it a bit easier to be confronted with a pile of papers. To not have a fast internet connection makes me nervous, it takes forever to read the Swedish or English newspapers and get and idea about what's happening in Gaza and the rest of the world outside this flat. The option is to get a German newspaper, but I have no idea which one, any tips? The man above with the two heads is from Glyptoteket in Copenhagen, I forgot to look if it was Hercules or some other grimm story of chopping off heads.

Finally, it makes me very sad to hear that
Louise Bourgeois has passed away. There is an exhibition of hers in Berlin at the moment, together with Hans Bellmer and I will definitely go and have a look at it. Beautiful image that you posted Sophia.

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